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Chicken Thief Troll

The Chicken Thief Troll is a limited edition resin collectible created from an original sculpture by artist Michael J. Feeney. This is the portable version, 7 inches tall, of Mr. Feeney's original woodcarving for the famous Mount Horeb Trollway in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. The original woodcarving was 6 feet tall and carved in an existing maple tree. This was the first troll to grace the Trollway and after years of standing with his chicken loot, he is transitioning to an indoor job as part of the Mount Horeb Area Museum's permanent collection. While the Chicken Thief will be missed, Mr. Feeney now has over 20 other life-size Troll woodcarvings located along the Trollway. The Chicken Thief Troll was inspired by a Mount Horeb resident who recounted the story of poor folks resorting to chicken theft in order to eat during the depression. Due to the hard times, village residents tended to look the other way when the chicken count came up short. This collectible version in full color signed by the artist captures the Chicken Thief Troll for your personal collection and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Price: $30.00
Size: 7 inches high

To read more about the life size original sculpture Chicken Thief Troll, located on the Mount Horeb Trollway, visit the Field Guide to New World Trolls, Troll Spotter List.

Left Side
Left Side